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Lost Wacky  - "3 Racketeers" by Ray Lago

Here we see Tony Soprano and two of his thugs as the three Racketeers.

3 Racketeers was listed as sticker #55 on the ANS1 Preliminary Checklist but got "whacked" before final production.  The sticker was censored out of the set due to a complaint by the MARS candy company and the final image remains unpublished.

three racketeers wacky packages

Big on Fat, Not on Chocolate! / 45% Less Chocolate!

You Got a Problem Wit Dat?

3 Racketeers / Pistol-Whipped, Fluffy Chocolate-on-Chocolate


Artist Ray Lago is well known for his work on Topps' Garbage Pail Kids, Vampirella, Playboy Magazine's "Little Annie Fanny", and Magic the Gathering.


3 Racketeers  Rough Art

3 racketteers rough art


Actual Product:  3 Musketeers Bar

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2004 ANS1
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